You have just finished up your final tasks for the day, you can't help but smile thinking about the freedom that tomorrow will bring.  You imagine the winding roads back home, and the smile that your parents will have before you go up for your small and local Gempukku ceremony.  It will be quaint.  A gentle coughs brings you from your reverie, when you've recognized that behind you stands your your sensei scowling as you neglect your social obligations.  The scowl goes away immediately as you bow deeply, as is customary when one of your station has failed in recognizing the passage of one's better.  

You think to yourself, "tomorrow" as you begin to rise.  Suddenly it catches your eye, the scroll with your family's crest embedded into the wax seal.

Your sensei, addressing you with your family name, begins, "Your skills are remarkable.  As such, it is both our pleasure, and your honor, to offer you a representative spot on behalf of our clan in the upcoming Topaz Championship.  I need not remind you that refusal of such an honor is…" he drops his voice low "unheard of.  I trust you can make all the arrangements for your trip?  You leave tomorrow morning."

In one brief second your entire world has been destroyed.  Gone are your dreams of a simple life back at home fulfilling the clan's requirements with relatives and friends.  No, a simple life will not be for you.  You will be travelling to the Tsuma, the ancestral home of the Topaz Championship. 

Your story begins as a competitor at the Topaz Championship.  

Will you bring honor to your clan?  Or will you only find disgrace? 

Fans and Blades

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