Tsuruchi Haruaki

mantis clan, archer


1. Mantis,
2. Tsuruchi,
3 bushi,
4. Dark brown hair, grey eyes, while he attempts to put care into his appearance he always looks a little disheveled,
5. He must prove his worth to himself even beyond that of his family,
6. He trusts his younger sister most do to her never having expectations for him to fulfill,
7. He is determined and doesn’t give up until he accomplishes the goal, self doubt a constant thought that any or all his decisions are wrong,
8. Compassion is important while duty is least.
9. Doesn’t know where he stands with his clans ideals, but he would rather have allies than enemies.
10. He is engaged to a woman he never met, another choice he didn’t get to make
11. Because of feeling life is out of his control he has a personal distaste for anyone who follows their duties blindly,
12. While he serves his family daimyo, he is most loyal to his younger siblings.
13.likes music and climbing to high places, hates spiders and fireworks.
14. Taps his thumb back and forth between each of his fingers as if counting usually in stressful situations.
15. Usually seen in a state of depression, but angers easily when his family is insulted.
16. Misbehavior should be corrected but punished if continued.
17. Unruly and always at odds with them.
18. To become worthy of being a part in his families stories.
19. Uncertain he prays but doesn’t know what for.
20. He will die in combat, beyond that only the ancestors know.

  • eldest child of tsuruchi gento and tsuruchi shiori, he was never one for making friends instead stuck close to his twin brother (taizo) and younger sister (miyuki). his parents were strict and all but controlled the minute details of the children’s lives, his only comforts were the races with his brother (usually leading to the highest point close to the household), and listening to his sisters music lessons.
  • when the time came haruaki was sent to study at the family school, but his brother was sent off to study at another school. while he gave his all to his training it was clearly noticeable to all around him he would rather be else where, despite the fact he was putting more effort to achieve the same level as those around him.
  • when he finally returned home he was greeted by his parents speaking of an arranged marriage and the topaz championship, but more notable his brother had not returned yet. when questioned his father decried he only had one son and taizo would never be spoken of again. haruaki spent the day before leaving for the championship listening to his sister play the samisen.

Tsuruchi Haruaki

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