Isawa Kyuzo


Kyuzo, born of the noble Isawa Clan, was raised at a young age in the mastery of the blade high in the mountains. Over his years of training his family also noticed his natural affinity with communicating with the kami. After his clan knowing of this began a new type of training to master both the blade and ability to summon the kami. For years he trained and mastering his abilities to one day bring honor to his clan. Once he reached the age of man hood he began his journey into the outside world. During his journey he hears of a topaz championship, he first thought is that this is a great way to bring honor to his clan.

Fire spells: Biting Steel, Fury of Osano-wo, Fires of Purity
Void Spells: Sense Void, Touch of Emptiness
Air Spells: Blessed Wind
Earth Spells:Elemental Ward


Isawa Kyuzo

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