Doji Mizuki


Clan: Crane
Dojo: Doji Courtier School
Height: 5’-6"
Weight: 103 lbs.
Hair: White
Eyes: Hazel
Age: 18


Doji Mizuki is the youngest child and only daughter of Doji Tomohiro, a painter of some repute, and Doji Rei, who presides over a small fishing village near Kosaten Shiro. She was popular with other children, though her older brother, now a monk named Todashi, persecuted her from time to time. Her parents were deeply honored when Mizuki was accepted into the Doji Courtier School when she was twelve. Rei spent countless nights telling Mizuki what to expect among the other students. Mizuki overcame her fear of joining the school by thinking of how proud her parents were.

Mizuki put all of her efforts into her studies and made fast friends, that is, until it was time for her betrothal near her fifteenth birthday. Her doting parents indulged her wishes to marry Asahina Yoshi, an older student at the same school. The two youths were already deeply in love and sometimes dreamed of fleeing their obligations to be together. Of course, they were too honorable for such rashness, so they spoke of committing seppuku in protest if they had no other options. Meanwhile, another family, members of the Daidoji, sought to pair their daughter with the boy as well. Several months of intrigue ensued, and Mizuki learned how treacherous court could be. In the end, her parents were able to convince the Asahinas to agree to the union with Yoshi marrying into the Doji family to control Mizuki’s household.

Knowing of the successful courtship, Doji-sensei invited Mizuki to attend court with him at Kyuden Doji, capital of the Crane Clan and arguably the most cultured city in the world. Mizuki had long dreamed of visiting the castle grounds. Once there, her honorable behavior and skillful performances brought her acclaim. The months spent in Kyuden Doji were among the best of Mizuki’s life. Weekly correspondence with Yoshi made it all real.

However, tragedy struck soon after Doji-sensei and Mizuki returned. Yoshi was attacked by common thieves during a stroll and was cut down. Mizuki continues to struggle with the loss after two years. Secretly, she suspects Daidoji Etsuko, her formal rival for Yoshi, was involved.

Doji Mizuki

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