Z Diadoji Yuudai (Deceased)


Clan: Crane
Dojo: Kakita Bushi School
Height: 5’10"
Weight: 167 lbs.
Hair: Black
Eyes: Black
Age: 18

“One man, one sword, one strike. All other styles are false.”


Yuudai was born into the Akodo Family of the Lion Clan. He was the only son of Akodo Ryozo and Akodo Mitsuko His father died in the service of army when he was just 3 years old, leaving his mother widowed at young age. Yuudai’s mother was a very beautiful and skilled bard of the Lion Clan who still held quite a high station in many of the clan’s courts. During her frequent trips into the Crane Lands to attend court, she caught the eye of Daidoji Otomaro, the commander of the Three Sides Watchtower. Their relationship was viewed as advantageous for both families and the two were eventually married. Yuudai was adopted by his mother’s new husband and took the name Daidoji. His new father truly loved him and raised him in the rich traditions of the Crane Clan, while still respecting Yuudai’s Akodo Family heritage and ancestors.

Art_-_Broken_Sword_of_the_Lion.jpgAs Yuudai grew, it was clear he was an exceptional student and athlete. Daidoji Otomaro wanted Yuudai to enter the Iron Warrior School, just as he had done. Yuudai’s skill with the bokken was noticed by Sensei Kakita Noritoshi, however, and he was invited to train at the prestigious Kakita Bushi School. Daidoji Otomaro, although initially hesitant, saw the invitation as the great honor it was, and graciously accepted the Kenshinzen’s invitation on the Daidoji Family’s behalf. Upon entering the Kakita Bushi School, Yuudai’s mother gifted him with his father’s broken katana recovered by his uncle on the battlefield after his death. The circumstances of his father’s death and the broken blade have always haunted him. This is the only item that Yuudai has connecting him to his birth father, and he always keeps it locked in an ornately carved wooden box that his mother crafted especially for it.

Yuudai’s skill with the katana surpassed even Kenshinzen Noritoshi’s expectations. The young prodigy quickly moved to the head of his class and was able to surpass many of the older students as well. Yuudai not only demonstrated extraordinary martial prowess, but also seemed to possess an uncanny luck, which has aided him more than a few times during his training.

Yuudai clearly demonstrates the best qualities of both clans, he possesses the pride and heart of the lion, balanced with the grace and benevolence of the crane. He also demonstrates the calm and analytical nature of his Akodo Family ancestry, combined with the stalwart strength of the Daidoji. Yuudai is keenly aware of his Akodo ancestry and proudly incorporates both the Lion Clan yellow, and mon into his traditional blue kimono and armor of the Crane Clan. He is fascinated by the history, lore and ancestry of the Lion Clan, especially the Akodo. If presented with the opportunity, Yuudai will tirelessly investigate any information regarding his birth father’s past battles, especially any information regarding the circumstances surrounding his death and broken katana.

Yuudai has been assigned to be the yojimbo of the graceful and talented courtier, Doji Mizuki. He takes this assignment very seriously, as he does with all things, and would gladly lay down his life for her. To Yuudai however, this is not just an assignment. Something is definitely different about Mizuki. Strangely, Yuudai feels a strong kinship toward her, as if the two had met before.
Above all else, Yuudai is driven to serve the needs of the Daidoji Family, the Crane Clan and his charge Doji Mizuki. He would selflessly sacrifice even his own honor to achieve their goals.

Recently, Yuudai was chosen to attend the annual Topaz Tournament by his Sensei Kakita Noritoshi. His many years of training have led up to this moment, and Yuudai is determined to win the tournament and bring honor to his Akodo ancestors, the Daidoji Family, and the Crane Clan.

Z Diadoji Yuudai (Deceased)

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